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Month: November 2017

Digital Technologies For Resilience Workshop

From 14 to 15 November 2017, I attended a workshop on Digital Technologies for Resilience organized by FHI 360 together with financial support from USAID and Rockefeller Foundation. A different agenda, setup and very diverse group of people made the workshop interesting and engaging for two days. Around 84 participants from 20 countries attended … CONTINUE READING

JRC Historical Flood Visualization and Download with Google Earth Engine

This is prepared with regard to the Google Earth Engine training in Vietnam.
The goal is to visualize the Joint Research Centre (JRC) Flood Occurrence Dataset and download the processed image. We will be using JRC Monthly Water History v1.0 (1984-2015). The highlight of this dataset is

Band Name Label
water 0 = no data

Updating Column Name and Column Value in QGIS

Although I am using QGIS 2.6.1 Brighton Version, the basic step should be same for all the QGIS version.

I am preparing GIS data for the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) for the Nepal training which I will be doing during December 2017. I got these data from my friend at Survey Department of


Hiding Folder Directory in Apache

Today, we will be working with apache2. This has been tested it on Ubuntu.
Let’s say we have a folder called files on the Apache web server /var/www/html/. If we go to the URL http://your_ip_or_dns/files/, we would see files folder something like this.


There are different methods for solving this problem. We will


Deploying Node.js Application with PM2 and NGINX

Update system

Install Nginx

Check your Web Server

If everything is fine, you will get an output as:

If you encounter an error that says something likeĀ nginx.service: Failed with result 'exit-code', then this is because of some other process using port 80. In this case, do:

You can check the landing page of … CONTINUE READING

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