Although I am using QGIS 2.6.1 Brighton Version, the basic step should be same for all the QGIS version.

I am preparing GIS data for the Sahana Alerting and Messaging Broker (SAMBRO) for the Nepal training which I will be doing during December 2017. I got these data from my friend at Survey Department of Nepal. But the problem is that I need these data in a specific format. So I will try to update some of the column names and update the column value as well.

  1. Updating Column Name in QGIS

    1. First load the layer in QGIS. Shapefiles can be opened by drag and drop.
    2. You will need Table Manager to perform renaming (although other methods are also available, this is easier for me for the time being). To download the plugin, go to Plugins menu, and click Manage and Install Plugins.... Type Table Manager in the search box. Click on the searched item called Table Manager and install the Plugin.q3uuv0k
    3. Then, select by clicking the layer which you want to edit the Layers widget. Then click on the Table Manager icon to open up.q6hwt4r

      Go to Fields tab, select the column name and click on Rename button on the side.


    4. Click OK and Save to save and update the column name.
      Confirm by opening up the Attribute Table
  2. Creating New Column and updating the Value of the Column

    1. First load the layer in QGIS. Shapefiles can be opened by drag and drop.
    2. Right click on the layer and click Open Attribute Tablekqnxk3j
    3. Click on the pencil icon at the top left side, which is to toggle the Editing Mode on/off for the layer. We want to set the edit mode on.yagb0tl
    4. Once the edit mode is on, click on the New Column icon or press Ctrl+WThen, type the column Name and specify its Type in the Add column dialog that opens up.


      Click OK.

    5. If you want to update a specific column value, double-click on the Value and change it to the required value.vk87cv1
    6. Or if you want to update the value to all the rows of the newly created column, then select the appropriate Column Name and set the value and click Update All.Select the appropriate Column.

      Then, select the appropriate Expression. Since I want to update the new column with value NP, so I am using upper('NP') as the expression. You can learn more about the Expressions and Function Lists here

      Then hit Update All to update all the values of the column.