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Month: July 2018

Fix to GeoServer not starting after Java Update

I updated the Java on my windows machine, and later tried to open up my GeoServer. To my surprise, it was not starting. Since GeoServer is built upon Geotools, which is an open-source Java toolkit, it depends upon your Java Runtime Environment better known as JRE. After the update of the JRE, ‘Start GeoServer’ … CONTINUE READING

Installing GDAL on Ubuntu

GDAL is a very useful library if you are especially into geoprocessing. GDAL can be used with a number of raster and vector formats and offers different functionalities to perform different analysis with those data. GDAL can even be used with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial etc. which is awesome.

The latest version of GDAL (or any … CONTINUE READING

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