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Removing the whitespace from the GeoJSON file

GeoJSON is great! It can be used in the web maps, can be used as a data exchange format especially with Web Feature Service (WFS) and much more. However, sometimes the white space in the GeoJSON file can add up to the size of the file, as a result of which it becomes slower in … CONTINUE READING

Converting MUTM Everest Coordinate 1830 to WGS 84 using ArcGIS: Projection and Transformation

The Map Projection System used in Nepal is the MUTM (Modified Universal Transverse Mercator). Read more about Map Projection System in Nepal here.

In this exercise, I will be using ArcGIS. Other methods will be posted in the future.

  1. Load the data in MUTM. If you don’t have data yet, you can download from

SERVIR releases Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Handbook

SERVIR released the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Handbook which includes the comprehensive methodologies for Forest Monitoring and Biomass Estimation. This handbook contains a collection of state-of-the-art methods and theoretical background to facilitate the use of SAR data for forest monitoring and biomass estimation.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) in SAR, in collaboration with SERVIR, conducted five … CONTINUE READING

Fix to GeoServer not starting after Java Update

I updated the Java on my windows machine, and later tried to open up my GeoServer. To my surprise, it was not starting. Since GeoServer is built upon Geotools, which is an open-source Java toolkit, it depends upon your Java Runtime Environment better known as JRE. After the update of the JRE, ‘Start GeoServer’ … CONTINUE READING

Converting Satellite Imagery to Tile Map Service

Converting an satellite image to TMS is relatively easy, especially if you are using powerful GDAL library. GDAL has binding in Python which I will be using in this post.

  1. Install the OSGeo4W for windows. For linux, you can use OSGeoLive which has everything that OSGeo4W has. For more information on linux equivalent to OSGeo4W,

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