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Intricacies of implementing an ITU-T X.1303 Cross-Agency Situational-Awareness Platform in Maldives, Myanmar, and the Philippines

Maldives, Myanmar, and the Philippines are vulnerable to natural disasters. Sendai Framework of Action calls for risk reduction by implementing early warning systems. A prevailing challenge is for authorities to coordinate warnings across disparate communication systems and autonomous organizations. Cross-Agency Situational-Awareness platforms and the ITU-T X.1303 Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) interoperable data standards present themselves … CONTINUE READING

Collecting field data using your Very High Resolution Satellite images using MBTiles and ODKCollect

Web maps are usually served by smaller tiles which are loaded separately but gives an impression of a seamless image. These are the tiled based maps. Check out the earlier blog post on Converting Satellite imagery to Tile Map Service. Usually, tiles are small in size to get loaded. But things might get tricky … CONTINUE READING

Sahana Disaster Management System presentation in the Philippines

Speakers from the governmental offices in the Philippines talked about how the use of ICT solutions are helping them to collect the data for immediate disaster relief and long-term disaster recovery process. Most of the applications are tailored for custom use-cases and cover very limited scope. I sensed that the offices are more attracted towards CONTINUE READING

The Kaleidoscope 2016: ICTs for a Sustainable World awards Best Paper to Location Based Early Warning Broker SAMBRO

Last week (14-16th November, 2016), Nuwan and myself had the privileges of attending and presenting our paper entitled “Intricacies of Implementing an ITU-T  X.1303 Cross-Agency Situational-Awareness Platform in Maldives, Myanmar and the Philippines” during The 8th ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. The ITU Kaleidoscope Academic Conferences are organized by ITU-T and are technically … CONTINUE READING

THE 7th International Conference of Crisis Mappers (ICCM) Manila Philippines | September 28-30, 2016

The 7th International Conference of Crisis Mappers (ICCM) makes it way first time in Asia in Manila, Philippines. The three days event (Sept 28-30, 2016) along with pre- (Sept 27, 2016) and post- (Oct 1-5, 2016 ) conference event.

ICCM is a platform for international experts working in (Disaster) Crisis Mitigation, Response and Management to CONTINUE READING

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