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Classifying the dynamics of the forest using the time-series

In this post, we will use the datasets from UMD (Tree Canopy Cover [TCC] and LOSS layers) to calculate and classify the dynamics of the forest. The TCC is available from 1988 and LOSS layers are available from 1989. Here we will be calculating different forest dynamics. Use the final assemblage using this link or … CONTINUE READING

Assessment of time since forest disturbance

In the assessment of time since forest disturbance, we define disturbance as the drop of TCC from =10% to 0%. Use following code or the link here.

Happy Earth Science 🙂… CONTINUE READING

Making Forest Rotation Map

Rotation of the forest is defined as the number of forest disturbance events for the year range, with disturbance defined as a drop of Tree Canopy Cover from >=10% to 0%, or the loss from 1 to 0.

The pseudo-code for the rotation map can be written as:

We travel time for 3 years and … CONTINUE READING

Calculating the Standing Age of the Forest in the Mekong Region using the Google Earth Engine

The age of the forest is the time since forest (re)-establishment. Forest (re)-establishment is defined as the year where TCC reaches certain threshold as specified by country definition. The output value is years since forest establishment for pixels defined as forest in the year 2018.

The scripts look like below or use this link.… CONTINUE READING

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