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Installing GDAL on Ubuntu

GDAL is a very useful library if you are especially into geoprocessing. GDAL can be used with a number of raster and vector formats and offers different functionalities to perform different analysis with those data. GDAL can even be used with PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial etc. which is awesome.

The latest version of GDAL (or any … CONTINUE READING

Hiding Folder Directory in Apache

Today, we will be working with apache2. This has been tested it on Ubuntu.
Let’s say we have a folder called files on the Apache web server /var/www/html/. If we go to the URL http://your_ip_or_dns/files/, we would see files folder something like this.


There are different methods for solving this problem. We will


Deploying Node.js Application with PM2 and NGINX

Update system

Install Nginx

Check your Web Server

If everything is fine, you will get an output as:

If you encounter an error that says something likeĀ nginx.service: Failed with result 'exit-code', then this is because of some other process using port 80. In this case, do:

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Hosting Django for Production in the Ubuntu server


Update system

Install Admin Tools


Install Python and environment

Postgres Installation and settings

Creating the database and user

    • Switch to superuser postgres by
    • Create user for the tool by
    • Now create database as
    • Logout from the postgres user

Now create a virtual env for the jrcfloodtool

Workon the virtual env we just created


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